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One of the most efficient strategies in Aviator is the use of a special low-risk betting scheme, widely used by professional Aviator players. By following this method, you can minimize your money loss and significantly boost your winnings.

This is possible because online casinos allow placing two bets simultaneously. Keep reading to learn all about this fantastic casino game.

Aviator Double Bet Strategy

Among the most popular strategies or tricks for Aviator, this one helps players achieve better profits. It requires maximum concentration, as handling it carelessly can result in disaster for the player.

The strategy involves making the first bet by choosing the option to bet and withdraw money automatically with a x1.2 multiplier. For the second bet, you can increase the risk slightly with multipliers of x2-x3.

This way, you use a combination of low-risk and medium-risk strategies. It is crucial to stay focused during the game to achieve good results and improve your chances in Aviator.

Marginal Strategy

This is another Aviator strategy considered risky by many players, so it is prudent to be very careful when applying it. It is mainly used by players willing to lose money without worrying much about the risk of loss in the game. 

This strategy involves increasing the bet after each loss and reverting to the initial bet amount after winning. This way, you can recover lost money in the game, as well as the winnings.

Therefore, before looking for an Aviator game trick, we recommend learning these strategies.

Anti-Martingale Strategy

The anti-Martingale tactic involves increasing the bet after each win and decreasing it after a loss. In other words, it is like the marginal strategy but inverted.

With this strategy, you can increase your chances of winning money during lucky streaks and reduce losses during unlucky periods.

This Aviator game trick requires strict adherence to the rules and proper player discipline.

Aviator Tactics

To achieve great success in the game, it is essential to have good Aviator strategies that propel the player straight to success. Learning these tactics, as explained here, is ideal for those wondering how to play Aviator and win real money.

For this reason, we recommend not betting chaotically, as you will have no chances of success. The best approach is to know these tactics and strategies that improve your chances in the game, so let’s get to it.

Low-Risk Tactics

These tactics offer players the option to develop a safer and more relaxed game, reducing pressure along with risk. Although you win less money per bet compared to other tactics, it is also true that losses are smaller.

This is achieved through low-odds bets, such as x1.10-1.25. Here, you can gradually increase your bet balance before moving on to higher bets within the game. 

This is the most profitable tactic according to Aviator experts. It is recommended primarily for those starting in Aviator and not feeling confident or having sufficient funds for riskier bets in the game.

Medium-Risk Tactics

This type of tactic suits those who have enough confidence (and funds) to take more daring risks, achieving a good balance between risk and reward.

Here, it is necessary to multiply the bet by 2-4 times, a higher number than the previous tactic. Using this strategy in the game, the chance of winning can be over 50%. 

Moreover, average multipliers are frequently added, meaning the number of risks taken is low.

As evident, the risk and reward of this tactic are higher than the previous one, but not excessively so, making it suitable for those with some experience playing Aviator.

High-Risk Tactics

Designed for those with higher knowledge levels and larger funds. Naturally, it is also for those less afraid to take risks with the goal of increasing their earnings by taking off in Aviator. 

This tactic is ideal for winning a lot of money at the expense of increased risk of loss.

Having very high odds like x50 or higher can be very useful with this tactic. Despite being the riskiest, it is the one that can yield the highest profits in Aviator.

For example, if a person bets $5 and gets a x50 multiplier, they can earn $250 in just one minute. This makes it the most fruitful tactic in terms of profit percentage per single bet in the game.

An Exclusive Aviator Strategy from Our Experts

If someone wants to play like a complete expert, this is the ideal strategy. A secret Aviator trick, exclusive to those who want to maximize their game potential.

Our expert team has spent considerable time studying Aviator and how it is played. They have discovered a fascinating pattern that can benefit many players.

High multipliers, such as x100 or higher, appear once every hour. This means that when a high multiplier is hit, it should not be attempted again until an hour has passed. 

This will help avoid unnecessary risks to obtain large bonuses. Clearly, it can be a great help in earning hourly profits in Aviator.

Knowing this, it is recommended to watch the game closely. If high odds haven’t been seen for 50 minutes, it is time to get involved more attentively and actively, placing bets in each round.

This strategy is based on statistical focus, which can greatly improve an Aviator player’s chances. However, it should be noted that it does not guarantee absolute profit, as the game involves a level of risk that must be respected.

Nevertheless, this tactic also represents the perfect opportunity to achieve a high multiplier in Aviator and significantly increase your earnings.

Aviator Trick

An Aviator trick is part of each player’s strategy. It can work in various ways and with different functions. Here are some tips that can serve as tricks in the game:

  1. Be careful with small multipliers: keep in mind rounds with small winnings (odds below x2). If many such rounds appear continuously, there is a high possibility that a high coefficient will soon appear.
  1. Play a predetermined number of rounds: before starting an Aviator game, it is recommended to have a predetermined number of rounds in which you want to participate. 

For example, you can define a number of 10 or 20. Probability theory suggests that at least one multiplier above x10 should appear within that number of rounds.

Using this trick, even losing small multipliers, you can offset the loss in the game thanks to Aviator’s x10 (or higher) multiplier.

  1. Be observant: choosing a number of rounds just to observe can be very useful. You can take ten rounds for this task, where you should observe which multipliers have a higher probability of appearing in the following rounds.

Thus, you should start playing and withdraw winnings based on the multiplier that appeared the least during the rounds you observed.

Questions and Answers about Aviator Strategy

How can I get big winnings in Aviator?

If someone wants to achieve big winnings in Aviator, they need to take greater risks when betting. This is how to play Aviator: the higher the risk, the higher the potential earnings. Additionally, it is crucial to master the strategies and tactics we teach in this guide.

How can I avoid losing money in Aviator?

To avoid losing money in Aviator, it is necessary to play with small multipliers. In the game, the plane almost always flies with these odds, so the chance of losing money with this strategy is much lower.

What is the best strategy for playing Aviator?

It all depends on the player’s aspirations and conditions when playing Aviator. If the goal is to achieve high earnings with few bets, high-risk strategies can be used. 

If the goal is to achieve safer long-term earnings, low-risk strategies should be chosen. Ultimately, you should analyze this based on your criteria and intentions.

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